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As many trips to Morocco are stamped on my passport, I have compiled the ultimate Morocco purchasing guide to help you decide how to spend your money. I don't know if Rabat has the best shopping facilities or if it's because I know more about it than any other city in Morocco, but I would strongly recommend hiding in the quiet orange tree - lined streets. Here are some of the most important things to know when visiting neighbourhood markets across Morocco. We were told that if you are a home decor lover and like to get good deals, you should skip them, so we never stayed anywhere in Rabats except in our apartment.

Buses are reliable and efficient in Morocco and it is easy to rent a car in Marrakech and drop it off in Fez. Essaouira and Rabat can be reached without first travelling to Marrakech, but the best way to do this is to take a tour, as the bus stops at the hotel, which is a kasbah. Our hotel was in the Kasbah, and the tour was best from Rabat's Sale, which is 9 km from our property.

If you are travelling to Morocco, it is definitely worth visiting the local markets. If you are visiting Rabat for only one day as part of a tour of Morocco, it is possible to leave your luggage in one of the nearby cafes for a walk.

Although the markets in Rabat are not as impressive as those in Fez or Marrakech, there are still plenty of bargains to be found. If you want to shop, you will find a wide selection of products for sale in the local markets, as well as some of the more expensive ones. Read about things to buy when planning a visit to Morocco, which also includes some ideas at prices you should consider when shopping.

Next, Rue de Consels in Rabat's Medina has many great shops run by lovely people and is one of the most stress-free strolls and shopping you'll find in Morocco. If you are a nice change from Tangier or Fez, you can also explore the markets in Marrakech. On your shopping day, don't forget to visit some of Morocco's most popular tourist attractions, such as the Royal Palace and the National Museum.

Marrakech in particular has a wide range of shops selling everything from clothing, shoes, jewelry, clothing and accessories, as well as accessories. There is nothing like it in Rabat and women will find gorgeous clothes if they look for the right place. Bee on 6. Becomes like a boutique for shopping in Rabat, with a wide selection of clothes, jewelry, accessories and other items for women.

The Moroccan mall also tries to reflect the country's rich market culture with souk shops selling the works of craftsmen and artists. Moroccan shops, but there are also some great pastry shops and you can also find pottery and tagines in different styles as well as a wide range of clothing and accessories.

One of Rabat's liquor shops is Les Vignes de l'Agdal, a 30-minute walk from Rabat Ville Train Station. The restaurant is tucked away in a side street, but don't be fooled by the discreet location.

The medina is also its own neighborhood within the city of Rabat, but like the medina in other parts of Morocco, it is not a walled city. While every city has one, the media is full of people buying their daily groceries all over Morocco. Every village has a marketplace, and although towns and villages each have one, they behave like one and are a great place for people to buy their daily groceries. In fact, many people live in the many labyrinthine side streets of the medina that turn away from the shopping district.

The reader's tip for Rabat is to find beautiful high-quality handicrafts in the markets, from sellers who constantly urge you to shop in their stores.

With three floors and more than 600 shops, Morocco Mall is the largest shopping center in the world and one of the most popular shopping destinations in Morocco. The administrative capital is often seen off the beaten track, but people flock to the medina, Rabat's main shopping center and the capital of the Moroccan capital. During the day it is well attended by local shoppers and is a popular destination for tourists, but also for locals and tourists alike. With the newly opened second boutique Apia, it is a one-stop shop for beautiful gifts.

You will want to buy a ticket that will take you to Rabat Ville station, but I would suggest you buy it on the way there. Marrakech, Rabats and Fez are all safe cities, so be sure to stay in the well-lit tourist areas in the dark. You want to get from the main shopping centre, the Medina, to one of the most popular shopping centres in Morocco, the Morocco Mall, with the ticket you have bought.

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More About Rabat