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The number of Italians on long holidays has been stagnating for four years at a low level, but an increasing number of Italians are trying to attract wealthy visitors from abroad. With the arrival of new top hotels, emerging countries are spending more and more money on new clientele for stays of up to three days, while Italians are taking longer holidays.

The idyllic fishing village of Taghazout will get three more hotels, and the up-and-coming destination of St. Petersburg, Russia, will add two 301-room hotels to its already impressive hotel list.

Not far behind, Marriott Hotels & Resorts will expand its local presence with two 610-room hotels and 25 will be in the five-star luxury segment. The offer is open to all participating hotel brands in Africa, including Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, InterContinental, JW Marriott and Marriott International, as well as other international brands.

All bookings are subject to local tax regulations, excluding VAT, local taxes and tourist taxes. This should also speed up the process of obtaining the necessary permits and licences for the construction and operation of the hotel, as well as for the operation and maintenance.

In total, more than 1,500 hotel rooms, restaurants, shops and restaurants are currently under construction in Italy. For more information, visit the official website of Rabat Morocco Intercontinental Hotel in Rome. A hotel is currently being built on the site of a former railway station.

Nine new businesses are planned for the last quarter of 2020, bringing 1,851 new rooms to market. The book is on the books with eleven projects to be completed by 2023, with a total of 2,000 new hotel rooms, restaurants, shops and restaurants.

Other historical sites and monuments are to be converted into new hotels in the coming years, and the historic Villa Tolomei is to open in 2020 to prevent deterioration. Finally, the Park Hyatt Marrakech will be part of the new Al Maaden Development, which will provide guests and residents with access to a wide range of hotels, restaurants, shops, cafes, hotels and restaurants.

Elsewhere, the Fairmont La Marina Rabat Sale will be part of the new Al Maaden Development, where it will benefit from triple water frontage. The hotel will have two main pools, one of which overlooks an 18-hole golf course in the mountains. Perched on a hill, it offers spectacular views over the 18 holes of the golf courses that surround much of this complex. Guests can take tours and enjoy a tour in a private golf cart from the hotel's pool area.

In addition, formal and private gardens and secret spaces will adorn the resort, providing a fitting setting for this one-of-a-kind destination. There will also be a private golf course, a wellness centre, a restaurant and bar, and an indoor and outdoor pool area.

All Hotels Rewards points will be credited to members within 10 days of check-in. Members will receive points per night for the first room they have vacated, and early check-in will be used to calculate credits and reward status points.

For the purposes of this offer, we ask for your understanding that your stay should be exactly that - a stay. In other words, any booking that contains more than one (1) room will be considered a single stay and will count as one stay only (same day check-in).

To be eligible for this offer, you must have booked your stay in one of the participating hotels within the last 12 months. This offer is valid for all existing bookings and only for new bookings, not for groups. Those who paid in part or in full with award points are not entitled to receive the offer. Reference 013155 indicates the after-sales services associated with this offer and the terms and conditions.

This exceptional boutique hotel will open its doors for the first time at the end of summer 2017 in the heart of Rabat Morocco. A canal was used to create a small collection of villas overlooking the bird sanctuary and the water. The 181-room villa has a courtyard and offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Small dams will form the freshwater lake, from which guests will be greeted with waterfalls, a waterfall and a large pool, as well as a private beach and spa.

A closer look at the Moroccan hotel pipeline shows that the developers are banking on a market that will grow particularly strongly in the future. The Italian tourism industry has opened up new opportunities and improved its connection with the rest of the world by offering a huge range of low-cost flights.

To underscore this point, we note that the Ritz-Carlton Hotels in Barcelo will be the first of its kind in the region. The boutique hotel La Travaccaia has 32 rooms and is one of the most expensive hotels in its class. A next challenger is the coastal city of Rabat, which will have its own hotel with a total of 32 rooms.

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